Welcome to Year 7

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I have been really, really busy on holidays and starting a whole new school.

This year I have moved on to a new school. I this it is different and really interesting. I have 2 sisters at the school. It is really great moving around classroom for different subjects. For the first couple of day I got lost but now I seem to know my way around. The school is a lot bigger than my old school!!! Even though I have only been at my new school for 3 weeks I have a top tip for the 7’s students for next year. Don’t be afraid ask around, especially the older girls they are lovely. I know they always say don’t be shy and just come ask. When you get near them you get a bit more scared and nervous and you just freak out. Take 3 deep breaths and ask any question that you may have. It turns out they are super kind and you won’t regret it.


Before school started though, I had a wonderful up near Noosa in Queensland. My cousins from Singapore came down and family from Brisbane came as well. It was really nice and relaxing up there. I wish I could have stayed there forever. We enjoyed 3 weeks up at Noosa and 1 week at Brisbane. I really enjoyed spending time with my family.                                     On Christmas day I had my grandparents and Aunty and Uncle down from Brisbane. We did a lot of eating, unwrapping of presents and I think a bit to much laughing and talking. I really enjoyed it and I wish I could live up there.

I hope everyone has a great week and had a great holiday!!

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Year 6 Dinner Reflection

Year 6 dinner- Reflection and Comparison

The Year 6 dinner was a magical night at the school hall. All Year 6 students and teachers enjoyed eating, singing and dancing to loud songs and enjoyable food.  Throughout the year we have had multiple phrases. The main phrase we were focusing on was “dance like there is no one around.” The meaning of the phrase is to be yourself, don’t think just do and making sure you don’t care about what anyone is thinking.  We celebrated the class of Year 6 2014. It was a great night with a photo booth where we could act like superstars. We also had a DJ that stayed the whole night. That meant a WHOLE night of dancing.  Throughout the night the teachers spoke and gave told advice about future life and senior school.  Some of the year 9 girls catered for us and waitress for us. They were are really lovely and had great manners.


When you are there you are cannot think of any negatives. It felt like a perfect party. It was extremely fun night. We had great food. All the kids were served with an entrée. The entrée was bread rolls with some butter. All the kids were served pies, tarts and sandwiches for main. All the food was delicious. For dessert magnums were handed out while the parents were upstairs. Between each meal the DJ would play some of the top songs while all the Year 6 girls were on the floor dancing and singing along. That was definitely a highlight of my night. Also between the meals we listened to wonderful speeches from the teachers. The teachers spoke to the parents and students of the night. The girls were inspired by the teacher’s speeches. The parents were taught how to deal with their young girls moving on to high school.  While the DJ was playing the songs some girls got to up on stage and dance while the whole of year 6 was following. It was a great night and while I was there you couldn’t think of anything bad at all!


Now that I think back to the night I realise there were some improvement throughout the night. One of the improvements I would make was that we were told that we are having and entrée and main but it turns out we never had the main. For entrée we had sandwiches, pie and little pieces of bread. They were all delicious but I wish there more of them. Another suggestion I think they shouldn’t do is having our work on display right at the back of the hall. A lot of us put a lot effort into it but they just put it at the back of the hall. My next suggestion is for the DJ to let us do some of our own dance moves. There was always one person out the front doing their own dance moves will the whole year had to follow them. It was a bit unfair. Otherwise I think it was great. I believe the whole year had a fantastic time spending time with each other, Acting like a real movie star in front the camera and showing our friend our best moves.


The year 6 dinner is nothing what I expected it to me. It was a lot more fun. I made my party what I think a Year 6 dinner should be like. My party was very different from the proper Year 6 party. However there were a couple of things that were the same. We both had a photo booth, a DJ, Children and Adults sitting separately and speeches. The photo booth has costumes I could dress up in and a DJ up on stage. The DJ kept the children under control for most of the night though. The teachers and some of the students spoke and gave the year inspiring speeches. That is was I wanted at my party. That is also what was happening at the “real party.” Some of the party was a lot alike of party and some was the complete opposite. I am sure that both parties would have been great.


I am sure that all of Year 6 and parents had a wonderful time eating, singing and dancing at the Year 6 dinner. I have no doubt that I will remember the Year 6 farewell party!

Decorations and Entertainment

Hi everyone,

For my job this week I have finalised my decorations and entertainment.



Eiffel tower wall stickers-



Cost of each- $5.06

Buying- 3

Cost all together- $15.18′

This is what I am sticking on my wall at in the hall. I think this giving me a bit a hint that this is my theme of my party.


Cost of each- $11.99

How many buying- 22

Cost all together-$263.78

The Eiffel tower is 60cm tall and is my table piece. I like because it again shows that Paris my  theme.

Balloons (come in 100 pack)

Cost of each packet- $7.99

How many buying- 2

Cost all together-$15.98


The balloons are stuck on the wall. Most party’s have balloons and I think the party the colors give it an extra something.


Fairy light (Come in 10m pack)

fairy lights

Cost of each- $9.99

How many buying- 10

Cost all together-$99.90


The fairy lights are on floor because it will look great from the top to bottom.



Cost per/hr- $120

Hours having it- 3.30

Overall cost-$369

Dance floor-

Cost per/hr- $250

Hours having it- 4

Overall Cost- $1000

Photo Booth-

Hours having it for- 4

Overall cost- $749


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My Invitation

Hi everyone,

This week I designed a invitation for a part in my party. Last week I gave you some photos of menu cards and this week I will give you photos of my invitation. Hope you enjoyimage image image image image image



I have chosen to do a plane ticket and passport because you have just landed in Paris and these are things you would need.

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Menu Card

Hi everyone,

As most of you I am designing a party. At the event on the plate before you start eating you would read the menu card. Here is a photo of the adult menu-image imagethis the children menu.

As you can clearly see on the top of all the menu cards I have a little eiffel tower. This is to represent my theme.

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Floor Planning

Hi everyone,

As most of you know I am creating am creating my perfect party for school. At school we are designing a plan of the layout of the hall (our venue). I have just finished creating a plan of my floor. Here is a picture of what I

photo (1)


The red round circles are the tables. All the tables either have a mark A or C. A stands for  Adults and C stands for Children. Hope you enjoys and if you look at the picture closely you can see that I have a DJ and a dance floor.

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Party planning

This week in class, year 6 was assigned a task to organise a party. We have been given a budget 30 dollars per head for the 162 people coming to our “fake’ party. This means I have $4860 to spend on my whole party. The children  attending the party have a different menu from the adults. I have chosen to do this because of the food in the adults menu can contain alcohol in it. I have also chosen to do this because some children do not enjoy having a big fancy meal.

For the children menu-


Ham and Cheese Croissant

Main  –

French Onion Soup


Dessert  –

Scoop of vanilla ice-cream with the choice of topping (lollies). The following (Choice of 2)-

  • sprinkles (hundreds and thousand)

  • Coconut



  • apple

  • lemonade

  • Tap water


Adults Menu-


Ham and Cheese Croissant



French Onion soup


Dessert (Choice)-

Creme Brulee

Alcoholic Drinks-

-French champagne

-Vin rouge from the bordeaux region


Other Drinks

– Tea


-Fizzy drink

  • Lemonade


  • Apple


That is my menu sorted but what about the theme of the party. If you look closely at the menu you will see that a lot of it is french food. A you may have guessed the theme is Paris. I am calling my party “A  night in Paris.” My dress code is smart but casual. I chose this because it is a formal event. The reason why a put the word ‘casual’ in their was because I didn’t want everyone coming in big ball gowns. I wanted it be formal but not too formal. I have yet to decide my invitations, plan my table setting and decorations and menu card.

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Final Chapter

Hi everyone,
Sadly this week I only got 1 COMMENT!!! In the comment it voted for number 1. Run back to school and complain about the mistake. This also the last chapter.

Ha I knew I could get an A. But I got an A+.
“Calm down sweetheart!” Said mum.
“No! I’m running to school to complain.”
I grab my coat and sprint to school that is just up the road. When I get their I say good morning to Mrs Open (the receptionist). I run through the office jumping up and down straight through to the principal. I walk into Mr Rules office.
“Excuse me Mr Rule I would like to complain about Mrs Read marking on my English grade. It was multiple chose and I searched up all the answers on the internet and have go them all correct but Mrs Read marked me a C-.” I said in a rush.
“Just take a deep breath.” I did as I was told and he kept talking. ” I will have to check your answers and tell you if you are correct I will change your mark and talk to Mrs Read and fire her or you can just leave it.”
“Leave it no way. She has been mean to my since I came to this school finally I I can get back at. Check and if you don’t mind can I watch you checking it?” I say in a calm and relaxing voice acting like I am not breaking down inside. If I am wrong I will not get to go to my dream.
“Sure he responds.” He starts looking through the answers.
2nd – correct
3rd -correct
4th – correct
5th- correct
6th -correct
7th – correct
8th – correct
9th – correct
10th -correct
“YAH she is fired. I say thank you. Crying my heart out. My heart has healed. I feel like I win. I win the battle. The battle is complete. I run back home excited and scream to mum. I am packing for the sport high school. I hear this scream. It’s mum. She is so excited like me.

1 week later I’m on a plane to Canberra. Ready for the future ahead.

Peer Support

Hi Everyone, This year, year 6 at my school leads a groups of students into having fun doing things around the classroom such as playing fun games or learning about different topics. We call these groups Peer Support. There are 2 leaders from year 6. I was a leader with my friend Gigi (http://xjustanotheredublogx.edublogs.org/ )! We had a lot of fun leading our peer support group that contains 9 kids from all different years groups. This week was our very last week. As a task in our last week the leaders chose the actives. For the group that I was the leader of, we chose to decorate cookie to show creative. We chose this because it was fun and had a learning experience from it. I believe that all the girls in my group had a great time decorating their cupcakes and playing games after. Here are some awesome photos of us in our last peer support.IMG_1799

Chapter Seven- Second last Chapter

Hi Everyone,

This week most people voted for B) Walk back upstairs and start studding and act like nothing happened. So that is what will happen. Remember to keep voting.

As I see mum I say

“Just coming down for a drink.”

“Oh ok. Quickly back up to studying straight after.” she replied

I take my drink and go straight back up. I feel like I have been up here for a week studying. I’m nearly finished my english book! The test is tomorrow and I feel like I can receive an A+.

Tomorrow I woke up like I was ready for anything. I could finally be happy with the grade I get and not having to hide it from mum or dad. Not having to think of myself as a stupid girl without a brain inside my head. When I get to school 6th period is English with a our Modality test. Modality is how who strong and persuasive words you use. I’m becoming really frustrated and impaction. I have never been this exciting for a test in my life, let alone English.

The time had finally come. It was the end of the day. The spelling test. 

Mrs Read hands out the test. The test that could change my life…..

When I get home mum is at the door asking how did you go. I think I heard that about 20 times. All of those I answered really good. Inside I am breaking down. Tomorrow I can either not go to high school of my dream or live the life I have always wanted.

English is first period and I can’t wait to get my results back. I sit at my desk and Mrs Read hands out the papers. I know I am towards the end because my last name is woods and she always makes in alphabetical order. Nearly at the end and then she says Jessie Woods. I run up thinking all I need is a C or a above. I love at my paper. It has a gigantic C- on it. I burst into tears. 

My best friend Paige comes running towards me and gives me a huge hug. I put it on my desk and run down to the bathroom. My dream is officially over. NO more scholarship, NO more high jump and NO more dream. I go home early because I can’t bare staying at school so I faked a sick. I said the only reason I went to the bathroom without asking is because I felt like I was going to vomit. It actually worked. I took me test home and showed it to mum. She had a disappointed look on her face. I had hat look on my face as well.

The next day I spent the day crying in my bed. Not going to school up there just looking at my piece of paper. Looking on the internet for the correct answers. The answers that could have taken me to my dream but they didn’t. As I marked my sheet I found out that there were no questions wrong. It was multiply choice and they were all correct. Not one was incorrect. All circles fully coloured in with nothing outside the line. I quickly run down and tell mum.


What happens next? Your choice!

  1. Rush to school and complain about the mistake
  2. Mum gets Jessie in trouble for saying her teacher is wrong and sends her to her room.
  3. Send a note into school saying we are very disappointed and will be complaining to the education minster.


Watch for more updates